“MJ Gottlieb takes a new and exciting approach on how to teach entrepreneurs. Learning from the mistakes of someone else’s experiences will save them frommaking similar mistakes in their entrepreneurial journey.”


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MJ Gottlieb takes a new and exciting approach on how to teach entrepreneurs. Learning from the mistakes of someone else’s experiences will save them from making similar mistakes in their entrepreneurial journey.

-Daymond John, ABC's "Shark Tank"

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  • John-Wayne-courage-quotes
    The Courage To Fail At What You Want

    I recently watched a speech that the  great actor/comedian Jim Carrey gave at The Maharishi University of Management. In his speech, there is a section where he discusses his own personal experience with both the pain of taking the safe route versus following your passion and going after what you want & love. In this   More

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  • hustle
    How To Put The Hustle In Branding

    When most people look at their brand or company, they think of several independent parts moving inside of it. Building a brand that truly matters, however, involves a different perspective in which all parts of the brand are moving and working together as one strategic unit. Great brands build a cohesive structure of interdependent parts that   More

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  • RBOVo
    The Insane Power Of Singular Focus

    Staying focused on a single goal is one of the hardest parts of being an entrepreneur. It is also without question, one of the most important ingredients necessary in order to achieve any level of success in business and in life. In today’s post, I talk about a video Tyler Perry posted a number of   More

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  • destiny-adversity-quote
    Why Successful Entrepreneurs Consider Adversity The Breakfast Of Champions

    Failure and setbacks continue to ‘appear’ as giant hurdles that seem impossible to overcome. If only we realized that setbacks are opportunities for us to grow! I recently looked at my own progress in this area, and started to link my success to my ability to find silver linings in otherwise tough situations. Once you   More

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  • Differentiation
    The 1 Critical Question That Entrepreneurs Must Answer To Be Successful

    In this video, I talk about a very important question that many businesses and startups have trouble answering. I consider this question a very important one in building a successful business. The majority of the answers come back as a laundry list of what they do. Of course, this response does not answer the most   More

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  • Murphys-law
    The Entrepreneur’s Definition of Murphy’s Law

    The power of Murphy’s Law and, most importantly, whether it can hold you back or help move you forward in your entrepreneurial journey all depends upon your definition and perspective of the word. In today’s post, I discuss the entrepreneur’s definition of Murphy’s law, and how viewing it through the proper lens will allow you   More

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  • Henry Ford
    How To Build a Great Business Without Knowing Anything

    In today’s post I discuss how Henry Ford built an empire by using the power of specialized knowledge to build a billion dollar business. Ford gives the best example I know on the necessity of building a great team who all have their own area of expertise which, when combined, make your company as a   More

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  • 0d504476141414d92614a83d0a1ccda0
    2 Must-Read Books For Every Entrepreneur That I Almost Never Read!

    I think every great entrepreneur has certain books that he or she thinks have played an integral part in achieving his (or her) goals and dreams. In today’s post I discuss two books which have greatly influenced me and why I stubbornly refused to read them for such a long time.     In the   More

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  • The Lifelong Struggle Of A Serial Entrepreneur
    The Lifelong Struggle Of A Serial Entrepreneur

    In today’s post I discuss the great struggle entrepreneurs have creating a work-life balance and how a recent family situation made me change the way I looked at my business. Tell me what work-life experiences you have been though as an entrepreneur and how you have succeeded OR failed at achieving the balance we so   More

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  • charlie
    5 Powerful Ways To Bag The Elephant

    In the movie Wall Street, Bud Fox (Charlie Sheen) through a lot of perseverance and hard work managed to bag the elephant, Gordon Gekko (played by Michael Douglas). Things have changed quite a bit since Wall Street as the hustle days of cold calling have been replaced by digital cold calling, namely emails, newsletters and   More

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  • Screen Shot 2014-04-24 at 7.00.38 AM
    How To Be The Most Interesting Person In The World

    About a month ago, I saw a tweet from Ted Rubin, king of ROR (return on relationship) and someone who I have a lot of respect for, mainly due to his viewpoint of how to conduct yourself in business through the seemingly basic principle of being good to others (hence the term he coined, Return   More

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  • Screen Shot 2014-04-03 at 6.58.09 AM
    The 5 Super Skills Of Great Leaders

    Last year, I started following the interesting content provided by Fishbowl CEO David Williams and President Mary Michelle Scott. I quickly became fascinated with their perspective on running a business because it felt real, down to earth, and gusty.  This amazing company dared to try new things and share what they were learning with the   More

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  • packers-dont-throw-in-the-towel1b
    7 Key Factors Every Entrepreneur Should Consider Before Throwing In The Towel

    In last week’s post, I shot a video discussing the battle of fight vs flight when entrepreneurs face adversity. Today I want to discuss 7 key factors every entrepreneur should consider before he or she decides to throw in the towel. Though I don’t believe an entrepreneur should ever quit, I do believe however, that   More

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  • FightOrFlight
    The Entrepreneur’s Dilemma: A Case study of Fight vs. Flight

    Every entrepreneur will invariably have times when they think the cards are stacked up against them so high that their chances of turning things around are slim to none. In today’s video, I discuss billion dollar giant Ecko Unlimited (Marc Ecko’s clothing brand), and BNW (my and Gary’s first clothing brand), and how different perspectives   More

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  • Screen-Shot-2014-03-06-at-1.37.31-PM
    8 Powerful Benefits Of Being An Experienced Screw-up

    If you look at my twitter profile, you will see the words, “experienced screw-up.” I think a lot of people try to be very cute and gimmicky when trying to describe themselves. The truth is, I was just trying to be accurate. Truth be told, those are quite simply the two words that pop into   More

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  • Screen Shot 2014-02-27 at 7.27.22 AM
    5 Ways YOU Turn Weakness Into Strength & Challenge Into Opportunity

    A number of experiences in my life and challenges that I have gone through, from the outside in, seem completely justifiable for plenty of sympathy to be thrown in my direction. After all, I went through a lot and people should feel sorry for me that I had to go through so many ups and   More

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  • Black+beltsc
    How To Be A Master Entrepreneur

    I recently finished Robert Greene’s book, Mastery, yet another master-piece of the author who brought us The 48 Laws Of Power, The 33 Strategies of War, The 50th Law and many others. If you know me or are familiar with N2ITIV, you know that I  believe there is no such thing as an expert  (let   More

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  • Screen Shot 2014-02-14 at 7.22.59 AM
    The Single Greatest Tip I Ever Received On How To Be Productive

    If you are familiar with the N2ITIV blog, you know Gary and I cover a wide range of topics on how to succeed in business and in life. You should also know that every bit of advice we give is the direct result of lessons we have learned from our countless mistakes in our (now)   More

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