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MJ Gottlieb takes a new and exciting approach on how to teach entrepreneurs. Learning from the mistakes of someone else’s experiences will save them from making similar mistakes in their entrepreneurial journey.

-Daymond John, ABC's "Shark Tank"

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  • MJ Gottlieb- Daniel Lubetzky Do The Kind Thing
    The Only Reason To Start A Business

    The life of an entrepreneur is extremely challenging. You sacrifice time with your friends & your family, you are on call 24 hours a day and the risk is extremely high. You put all your time, money and effort, all your blood sweat and tears… for what? A few weeks ago, I did an article   More

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  • burnout
    A Must-Read Book To Avoid Entrepreneur’s Burnout

    If you are a follower of Hustle Branding you are aware that Gary and I believe there should be extreme hustle in everything you do in your journey as an entrepreneur. In today’s video, I discuss a new book that changed my perspective not on the hustle itself, but rather on how to prepare yourself   More

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  • MJ-Gottlieb-on-Daymond-John's-Power-Of-Broke
    Daymond John’s, ‘Power of Broke’

    Many people believe that the main ingredient necessary to get a business off the ground is money. In today’s video I discuss Daymond John’s new upcoming release, The Power of Broke which offers incredible insight into the the hidden power that entrepreneurs have at their disposal which unfortunately they do not recognize. Daymond uses case   More

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  • daymond_biopict
    8 Traits Of The Incredible Team Behind Shark Tank’s Daymond John

    I was with Daymond a few weeks ago to prepare for a webinar he was doing on the subject of entrepreneurship. The webinar went extremely well as about 900 companies were represented on the webinar and questions were flying in on the bottom of the computer screen in his office. One of the questions was   More

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  • Screen Shot 2015-02-23 at 2.31.17 PM
    Brand Brilliance: Why Budweiser Won Hearts and Go Daddy Broke Them

     _ The Super Bowl and NFL season has gone into hibernation once again and we’re left with watching, in my opinion, a very disappointing array of continuing Super Bowl commercials. There were two commercials that really stood out this year in completely different ways. Before we look at them specifically, lets take a quick look   More

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  • Screen Shot 2015-01-30 at 9.09.56 AM
    Don’t Create A Startup, Create A Conspiracy!

    Today it seems like we’re in a churn and burn state of mind. I look across the myriad of start-ups that pop up every second on the second, and begin to think that speed has become a strategy over quality. To a certain degree that strategy works, but it works at the expense of quality   More

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  • Daymond John- Hustle Branding
    A Look Inside The Extraordinary Hustle of Shark Tank’s Daymond John

      Shark Hustle is a new series on Hustle Branding on some of the most important experiences, tips and lessons in MJ’s 20 years with Shark Tank’s Daymond John. We Hope it will greatly benefit you and help give you the best chance to achieve your goals in life and in business. As the first   More

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  • persona
    What Aspiring Startups And Music Artists Share In Common

    It continues to amaze me that most people feel comfortable in moving in the same current as others. There seems to be a relief in knowing that others are doing the same things. Maybe it’s a mentality of ‘we will all fail or succeed together’ that makes us think in that way. In business that   More

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  • tides
    The Number 1 Reason Great Brands Are Successful

    Take a moment to think about what brands today are currently making an impact in our society. Try to pick three or four that come to the top of your head… Now take a moment to reflect upon the great brands of yesteryear… If you truly study what makes brands successful today, you will see   More

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  • risk 2
    The 1 Risk You NEVER Want To Take

     Freshman year in college I had a crush on this girl Suzanne. HUGE crush. She was in a class I took and my stomach was literally in knots the entire semester. I was so afraid to talk to her it was ridiculous. I would sit across the room and it appeared that we would catch   More

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  • How-to-Achieve-Goals
    2 Required Ingredients Every Startup Entrepreneur Must Have To Achieve Any Goal

    I recently watched a very inspiring video of Denzel Washington speaking to a group of aspiring actors at a theater. Denzel was discussing with them the 2 components necessary to achieve any goal. It is the same 2 ingredients that are expressed in Napoleon Hill’s, Think & Grow Rich, The Magic of Thinking Big and   More

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  • Unknown
    5 Brilliant But Simple Ways To Build An Authentic and Relevant Brand

    The world of business has forever changed amidst the numerous platforms and channels that have invaded our personal space with the intent on selling us something. Most companies don’t understand the etiquette or the unspoken rules that govern these prolific social watering holes that we call Facebook, Twitter, Instagram… and it’s only a matter of   More

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  • John-Wayne-courage-quotes
    The Courage To Fail At What You Want

    I recently watched a speech that the  great actor/comedian Jim Carrey gave at The Maharishi University of Management. In his speech, there is a section where he discusses his own personal experience with both the pain of taking the safe route versus following your passion and going after what you want & love. In this   More

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  • hustle
    How To Put The Hustle In Branding

    When most people look at their brand or company, they think of several independent parts moving inside of it. Building a brand that truly matters, however, involves a different perspective in which all parts of the brand are moving and working together as one strategic unit. Great brands build a cohesive structure of interdependent parts that   More

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  • RBOVo
    The Insane Power Of Singular Focus

    Staying focused on a single goal is one of the hardest parts of being an entrepreneur. It is also without question, one of the most important ingredients necessary in order to achieve any level of success in business and in life. In today’s post, I talk about a video Tyler Perry posted a number of   More

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  • destiny-adversity-quote
    Why Successful Entrepreneurs Consider Adversity The Breakfast Of Champions

    Failure and setbacks continue to ‘appear’ as giant hurdles that seem impossible to overcome. If only we realized that setbacks are opportunities for us to grow! I recently looked at my own progress in this area, and started to link my success to my ability to find silver linings in otherwise tough situations. Once you   More

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  • Differentiation
    The 1 Critical Question That Entrepreneurs Must Answer To Be Successful

    In this video, I talk about a very important question that many businesses and startups have trouble answering. I consider this question a very important one in building a successful business. The majority of the answers come back as a laundry list of what they do. Of course, this response does not answer the most   More

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  • Murphys-law
    The Entrepreneur’s Definition of Murphy’s Law

    The power of Murphy’s Law and, most importantly, whether it can hold you back or help move you forward in your entrepreneurial journey all depends upon your definition and perspective of the word. In today’s post, I discuss the entrepreneur’s definition of Murphy’s law, and how viewing it through the proper lens will allow you   More

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