When life hands you lemons what do you do? Well complaining certainly doesn’t help anything, and nobody really listens anyway. Truth is, most successful people have failed their way to the top. For every successful person that you see, what you don’t see is the trail of bankruptcies, failed partnerships, and pricey mistakes that made them who they are today.

So does that mean every entrepreneur has to go through the same horrors, heartaches and pain? Is there any way to avoid this?

Well one way is to learn from the experiences of others…

MJ Gottlieb’s How To Ruin A Business Without Really Trying is written for aspiring entrepreneurs and current businesses to avoid these mistakes by learning from the mistakes he made while running his own businesses over the last twenty-one years.

The book is one of very few that concentrates on what “not” to do as its method of teaching. He takes this approach as he has found that most entrepreneurs simply do NOT like to be told what to do, so by reversing the traditional way we learn has an infinitely greater impact.

Why? Because teaching people about the most common and prevalent mistakes of others takes the emotional issues out of the equation so entrepreneurs can learn objectively, while still allowing them to enjoy the freedom of their own experience.

So enjoy that experience. Forge your own path… Just take some time to look at what people are doing wrong in business, as it will greatly increase your chances of doing it right!


“This book takes a new and exciting approach on how to teach entrepreneurs. Learning from the mistakes of someone else’s experiences will save them from making similar mistakes in their entrepreneurial journey.”

- Daymond John,  TV Personality/Co-Host of ABC’s “Shark Tank”

“MJ Gottlieb has written a successful book on how to fail–witty, engaging, on the money.”

- Marvin E. Eisenstadt, Chairman, Sweet ‘n Low

“How to Ruin a Biz provides a method of teaching which keeps you smiling while you tackle the issues the whole way through.”  

- Izzy Ezrailson, Former. President, LRG Brand

“This book explores the dark side of Wall Street’s version of the American Dream. The truth is most businesses fail. It’s time someone took a clear eyed and fun look at why.” 

- Nelson George, co-author of Life & Def- The business memoir of entertainment mogul Russell Simmons

 I found MJ Gottlieb’s book to literally be a bible- a must read- for entrepreneurs. This should be mandatory reading for anyone thinking of starting a business, or has started a business.” 

- Ronn Torossian, Chairman, 5W Public Relations “One of the Fastest growing Companies in the U.S.” – Inc. 500

“MJ’s observations are as pertinent to a large global organization as they are to a fledgling entrepreneur.”

- Kevin Hennessey, Managing Director Senior Advisor, Retired, Credit Suisse First Boston

“If I were crazy enough to start a business,  I’d read this book first.”

–David Gelber, Executive Producer, CBS News,  Multi-Award Winning Producer, 60 Minutes

“ A must read for any new or experienced entrepreneur. Full of valuable real-life start-up miscues and insight from someone not afraid to divulge absolutely everything.”

–Bret Mactavish,  Former Senior Manager – International Basketball Operations, NBA

“A humorous, self-abasing, and insightful guide to surviving the jungle of starting your own business, written by someone who has been there.  Should be required reading for all aspiring entrepreneurs–full of lessons and experiences not taught in business school.”

– Scott Shevick, Former Senior Managing Director,  Bear Stearns and Company, Inc.



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